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Travel Certificates

Are you considering taking your pet with you on a flight or big trip?

Any pet who will be flying or crossing state or international borders is legally required to have a travel certificate certifying that they are healthy enough for the journey.

Our doctors are able to provide this paperwork for travel after performing a physical examination. During the examination, we must be sure of the following items:

  • They are healthy enough to withstand the stress of the trip
  • They are properly vaccinated
  • They are free from contagious diseases
  • They are free from parasites

These rules are necessary because they protect the animal, your fellow travelers, and the ecosystem to which you are traveling. In the past, many terrible diseases have been spread to environments unprepared for them by people traveling with animals. The laws and regulations regarding pet travel are important for preventing the spread of future diseases.

If you are unsure that your pet will meet the above criteria but need to travel with them, please let us know in advance so we can help. Most airlines require that the travel certificate is issued within 10 days of departure. If you would like, you could treat, vaccinate, or pre-screen your pet before this timeline, so there will be no issues as the flight approaches.


More Pet Travel Tips

Please check with your airline about their specific requirements for pet travel. Some airlines have particular rules that could catch you off guard. For example, some airlines do not allow pets in the cargo hold during the summer months.

Check the airline's requirements for pets able to travel in the cabin. This should be your preferred option if possible.

Try to book direct flights, and avoid flying when temperatures may be extremely hot or cold.