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Nutrition & Weight Management

Your pet's food gives them the energy they need to run, play, and bond with their family. Adequate nutrition plays a critical role in overall health and wellbeing. Just like when people eat foods that are not nourishing, your pet will be unable to feel their best if their nutrition is not providing the adequate vitamins and minerals to their diet.

Our veterinary team can offer nutritional advice based on your pet's age, size, breed, energy level, and health history. For special cases, we can even help create nutrition plans custom-tailored to their needs. If your pet has a condition such as a thyroid disease, cancer, or diabetes, nutrition can play a significant role in their treatment plan.

In addition to what your pet is eating, how much they eat is also critical to their health. Approximately one out of every three pets in the United States are overweight or obese. Pets who fit the classifications of overweight or obese are more likely to develop chronic diseases and experience shortened life spans. Their day-to-day quality of life also suffers, because they are not fit and healthy enough to play and live as their heart desires.

If you suspect your pet is overweight, the first thing to do is schedule an appointment and ask a veterinary doctor for their professional opinion. They will take your pet's weight, breed, height, and bone structure into account to diagnose the condition.

Once a veterinarian helps you to take stock of the situation, they can also help you begin a weight loss plan formulated to your pet's specific needs.

Often the plan will involve the following actions:

  • Feeding a clinically proven metabolic food to support weight loss
  • Understanding portion control and not exceeding your pet's daily requirements
  • Implementing regular exercise into the pet's day-to-day life
  • Regularly weighing the pet to track their progress

Over time, we can help your pet to become trim and healthy again!