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Kitten Care

Will an adorable kitten be the newest addition to your family in the near future? Willowrun Veterinary Hospital can help you to ensure that your sweet little kitten will grow into a happy and healthy adult cat, and eventually a content and long-lived senior cat.

Our practice loves our feline patients. We even have special hours reserved only for cats on 9-11 AM on Thursdays, because we know that many kitties detest sharing space with louder and more social animals. This is because cats are unique in that they evolved to be both predators and prey, and therefore tend to avoid being out in the open, in new places such as a veterinary office, near bigger scarier animals.

Kittens may seem cute and innocent, but they are designed to play, play, play! Their playful nature makes them endearing and fun, but it is important to remember that if you are adopting a new kitten, you should make sure you have the time to offer them appropriate interaction and playtime.

For new kittens, we recommend the following veterinary services to keep them safe, healthy, and feeling their best:

  • Microchipping will help your cat be returned home to you if they are ever lost. Cats can survive as feral animals and have a natural desire to roam and 'patrol their territory,' so keep them safe with a microchip.
  • Spay/neuter surgery can make your cat a better pet, and help protect them from certain infections and forms of cancer.
  • Vaccinations are imperative for protecting your kitten from serious diseases. We recommend that kittens are vaccinated in a series of three visits between 8-16 weeks of age.