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Digital X-Ray

Digital radiography is a safe and effective diagnostic tool and the most common form of radiography used by veterinarians today. The procedure involves no anesthesia and is completely non-invasive. Willowrun Veterinary Hospital provides the most cutting-edge, advanced form of this technology using our digital system.

The procedure works by using an x-ray machine to create images of the musculoskeletal system using x-ray waves that pass through the pet's body. These images are then analyzed by a trained radiologist. With the resulting images they provide, conditions such as fractures, arthritis, and pneumonia can be diagnosed.

Digital x-rays have several benefits over traditional film x-rays, these include:

  • Faster production of images- this means that the animal does not have to sit still for quite as long, and they are also exposed to less radiation
  • Greater precision- the resulting product is more detailed and accurate than those produced with film
  • Ease of electronic storage- instead of being filed away physically, digital images can be saved perpetually in our computer database
  • Ease of electronic transmittal- we can easily send you a digital version of the resulting images and, if a specialist opinion is warranted, we can also send them the x-rays with the click of a mouse

Often, x-rays are used in conjunction with other diagnostic tools, such as laboratory tests or ultrasound imaging.