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Cat Clinic

Schedule a visit for your feline friend during our cat-only office hours from 9 - 11 AM on Thursday mornings. Dr. Eileen Langdon is our resident cat lover and will provide the feline-friendly care your cat needs to maximize their overall wellbeing.

Cats are unique animals. This is part of the reason why they are so dear to our hearts - their behavior and mannerisms are very particular. But because of their peculiarities, cats need to be specially accommodated to simultaneously alleviate their stress and amplify their happiness.

Our Cat Friendly Practice has special cat - only hours and accommodations to help cats feel as comfortable as possible. Many cats have an intense fear-response when they are exposed to other animals, especially large and energetic dogs. This is because cats are both predators and prey when in their natural environments. Their instincts are to hide, avoid large open spaces, and to resent being "trapped" in carriers. These qualities can make them generally difficult to transport, but routine trips to the veterinarian, whether they know it or not, are crucial to their health and well - being.

At Willowrun Veterinary Hospital, we strive to make the trip to the veterinarian as stress-free as possible, not only because it is taxing to deal with an unhappy cat, but because stress can delay healing and result in diminished immune responses in both cats and humans.

Our cat-clinic allows felines to avoid the hustle and bustle and get the clinical care they need to live long, healthy, and happy lives. They will be less disturbed by loud noises, away from animals which may trigger their fear responses, and handled gently by our doctors who are trained in feline behavior.