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Boarding Services

Leaving town can cause undue stress and worry for pet owners. Who will they leave their beloved dog or cat with? Is this person responsible enough to give them adequate care? If they are on medications or have behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, this can add another level of worry to the owner's concerns.

At Willowrun Veterinary hospital, we can help. If you leave your pet with us when you are traveling or out of town, you will not have to stress or worry because our employees are caring and responsible animal care professionals. If there is an emergency, a veterinarian will be only a few paces away.

Your pet will enjoy their own vacation while you are away. We provide luxurious, air-conditioned suites to keep them comfortable and happy. Their daily schedule will include a balance of both play time and quiet time. Dogs will be walked several times a day and provided with ample companionship.

Cats who might be afraid in a new environment will be kept in quiet and cozy spaces where they will not be disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the hospital. The cat area has large sunny windows and fun wall-mounted shelves providing our feline boarders with ample opportunities for entertainment, play, and sunbathing.

We are able to provide your pet with food but recommend that you leave adequate portions of their typical food with us when you drop them off. A rapid change in diet can add to their stress and cause tummy problems.

Before boarding, we must insist that all dogs and cats are properly vaccinated. If they have received their vaccinations at another veterinary office, please bring in their medical records, or have the other facility fax them to us. Please understand, without this paperwork, we can either vaccinate them ourselves before their admittance, or we will not be able to board them.