Dr. Jacob Hammond

“While most people have a clear memory of when they realized they wanted to be a veterinarian, I never experienced that lightbulb moment. However, growing up reading James Herriot, living on a dairy farm with my German Shepherd Dog and going to an ag focused college where I spent my mornings feeding or milking cows at 5am before class, I slowly realized that no other job could possibly give me the same fulfillment. Being able to provide care when an animal needs it, from the home or farm, is incredibly rewarding and something that will motivate me for my entire career.”

Dr. Hammond is a 2015 graduate of the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Hammond spent his early years in Mableton, Georgia, an Atlanta suburb, taking care of every kind of animal a half acre lot can hold. He moved as a young teenager to the Kennesaw Mountain area northwest of Atlanta, where he and his family started My Dad and Me Family Farm. Today the farm centers around its registered Jersey herd and milk production, but also produces free range eggs, broilers and rabbits, garden produce and homemade goods. He worked on the farm as a homeschooled student until attending Berry College of Rome, GA, where he obtained a Bachelor degree in English, with minors in Animal Science and Chemistry in 2011.

Dr. Hammond has held several part time jobs in Georgia with local feed stores and farms, and enjoys supporting the small family farm. He loves working with all animals, and has special interest in working dogs, cattle, emergency medicine and small animal surgery. Dr. Hammond recently moved to the Kenly area after joining the Willowrun team in June 2015. He is married to Dr. Madeline Hammond who specializes in acupuncture and integrative medicine and also works at Willowrun. Dr. Hammond currently has a German Shepherd named Liesel, a husky mix named Desmond, and a Siamese cat named Floyd. Outside of work Dr. Hammond enjoys spending his time writing, dog training, hiking, beekeeping, and watching the Atlanta Braves. 


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